New Documents - NRA Salmon Surveys 1988-94

Thames Region Salmon Parr Surveys 1988-94


We now have some documents from 1988 to 1994 of the NRA Salmon surveys and stocking data for the Thames region. The original documents contained data relating to the Kennet, Lambourn, Wey and Chess and well as the Loddon and Lyde. These now only have the rivers relative to the Loddon catchment left in them as far as fish data but still have the summaries and conclusions for all the surveyed rivers.

All of the documents can be found in the downloads section - Environment Agency Publications - Fisheries or by following the link below:

Cefas Fishery Biosecurity Documents

New Cefas Documents added to Downloads


Following the recent presentation given by Nick Stinton, Senior Fish Health Inspector (field) with the Fish Health Inspectorate, Cefas, on Koi Herpesvirus at the last LFCC meeting in Swallowfield, two documements are now available for download from the downloads page. Theses can be located by following the links below. These may be useful for anyone fishing different carp fisheries in competitions where the use of keepnets, landing nets and even weigh slings are regularly used as well as commercial fishery owners.


Using Fishery Biosecurity to stop the spread of diseases


Transmission of Koi Herpesvirus via angling equipment